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Bittermelon Salad

Bittermelon Salad

Bittermelon Salad by Cooking with Kate

1 large Bittermelon 
10-15 Mint leave 
10-15 Cilantro leaves
Dried  shrimp 
Chấm Spicy Dipping Sauce 
Water & Salt 

Wash, clean and slice bittermelon into thin slices. In a bowl of water add 3 tsp salt, add sliced bittermelon and soak for 10 min.  Drain and rinse bittermelon after soaking.  Dab with paper towel to dry.  Mix bittermelon with Chấm Spicy Dipping sauce then top with mint leaves, cilantro and dried shrimps.  Add a a little more Chấm Spicy Dipping sauce and ENJOY!  

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