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Spicy Dungeon Crab w/ Vermicelli Clear Noodle

Spicy Dungeon Crab w/ Vermicelli Clear Noodle

Spicy Dungeon Crab cw/ Vermicelli Clear Noodle by Apsara Kitchen


2 dungeons crab 
1 tbsp fish sauce 
1 tbsp chicken soup base 
2 to 3 pieces palm sugar 
2 tbsp chili in soy bean paste 
1 tbsp oyster sauce 
1 tbsp chili oil 
1 tsp msg 
Green pepper corn (optional)
5 chop garlic 
2 small shallots 
2 stalk lemon grass 
3 slice galanga 
4 kafir limes leaves 
Red jalapeños 
Green onion 
3 pieces vermicelli clear noodle (soak in warm water) 
1 cup water 

Melt palm sugar in microwave for 45 second with a little bit of water and mix all the ingredients together well and set to the side. 

Stir fry the lemon grass, kaffir limes leaves, garlic, shallots until you smell the aroma from all the herbs then add the crabs stir fry for 5 mins.

Add the sauce mixture and 1 cup water and stir everything well and cover with a lids let it cook for 10 mins add the pepper, green onion & onion taste as need if need to add anything else. 

Plate the crab and add half of the sauce over the crab and leave half for the vermicelli clear noodle. 

Adjust as need to your liking less or more. 

Follow Apsara's Kitchen on IG for more delicious meals! She also provides amazing video tutorials!! 

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