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Kim's Steak - No-Fail Sous Vide Recipe for Parties

Kim's Steak - No-Fail Sous Vide Recipe for Parties
Kim, Co-Founder of Cham Dipping Sauce, shares her go-to recipe for PERFECT steaks EVERY time she hosts one of her famous parties. She uses a sous vide device and cast iron skillet to get a predictable and successful steak night, but this is optional. The sous vide will allow you to set it and forget it for 2 hours, then do a quick sear while adding flavor for a few minutes before serving. As a hostess with the mostest, easy and quick recipes are important! 

  • Steak cut of your choice
  • Salt
  • Crushed Black Pepper
  • Your favorite steak seasoning (optional)
  • Half a stick of sliced Butter for each steak
  • Fresh sprigs of Rosemary or Thyme
  • Whole cloves of garlic


  1. Generously season your steaks on all sides with salt and/or your favorite steak seasoning. PRO TIP: Don't season with black pepper in the beginning because the pepper will burn)
  2. Use a sous vide to get a perfect, evenly cooked steak with little effort. Vacuum seal the meat, and sous vide for 2 hours at 130 degrees (this is for a thick cut of medium rare filet mignon. See this Steak Time and Temp chart to see how long and how many degrees you should set your desired steak type. 
  3. Once the sous vide is done, pat the steak dry.
  4. Heat a cast iron skillet on the highest heat (make sure it's very hot). Sear one steak at a time. Sear all sides for a few minutes, turning the steak every minute to ensure a nice even cook.
  5. Turn the stove down to medium heat. Add the butter slices on top of the steak and to the skillet. Add a 5-6 whole cloves of garlic. Using a spoon, baste the steak with butter for 1 minute to get that rich flavor. Using tongs, pick up the garlic and rub it on the steak. Add a few springs of fresh rosemary or thyme to the skillet to elevate the flavor.
  6. Season the steak crushed black pepper at this point. There is no need to rest the steak for 5 minutes if you use a sous vide.
  7. Serve immediately with Cham Dipping Sauce!

For parties, slice the steak and leave it on a cutting board with a bowl of Cham Dipping Sauce for guests. 


Kim's Steak Easy Recipe for a Party | Kim's Kitchen Affair | Cham Dipping Sauce | Steak Dipping Sauce
Party Steak Recipe Kim's Steak Easy Sous Vide | Kim's Kitchen Affair | Cham Dipping Sauce

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