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Our Story


About Cham Dipping Sauce

CHẤM (PRONOUNCED 'CHUHM!') is the Vietnamese translation for the word "dip."
We proudly serve Chấm Dipping Sauce using fresh herbs and the finest ingredients to ensure quality in every bottle. We share the delicious traditions of Vietnamese dipping sauces and the mouthwatering flavors that derive from the fresh ingredients. The company was founded amidst the 2020 pandemic and quickly grew into a household favorite.

Elevate any dish with our spicy, mild, and extra spicy sauces. Try it with your seafood, meats and veggies!

Meet the Founders

A women-owned compan

Anna Tran - The Sauce Creator

Chef Anna is the sauce creator and co-founder of Cham Dipping Sauce. She loves to create and recreate childhood favorites with the freshest ingredients. Growing up in a diverse community, she had the privilege to taste delicious and authentic food from around in the world. Her desirous passion for food and cultural food fusion led her to creating the recipes for Cham Dipping Sauce.


Kim Anh - The Creative Food Ninja

As the co-founder of Cham Dipping Sauce, Chef Kim is the creative and operational ninja behind the scenes. Her creative food works have been featured on Huffpost, Parents, Parenting OC, Yahoo!, and various television features. Kim’s love for sharing food, cultures, building communities for food lovers, and professional photography drives the everyday business side of Cham



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