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My name is Anna and I live to eat. I love to create and recreate with the freshest ingredients, seafood, steaks and just about anything to reminisced childhood favorites. Growing up in a diverse community, I had the privilege to taste all the delicious and authentic food from just about anywhere in the world. My desirous passion for food, the love for my childhood favorites, the fusion exposure, and the continuous drive to find something better set the foundation for the Cham Dipping Sauce.
This special sauce will make all your favorite dishes more remarkable and unforgettable. It pairs well with almost everything. I have paired the sauce with steaks, lamb, pork, chicken, lobster, crab, shrimp, oysters (cooked and fresh) etc. I have no doubt you will enjoy this sauce. As I continue to innovate and create, I hope to bring more of your “new” favorites soon.
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